Meet your TIMA nominees :: Castleman

CastlemanName: Castleman

Nominated for: Best Singer Songwriter

Members (if applicable): Alistair Bundale

Location: Toronto


What was the first thing that came to mind when you learned you were nominated? As a musician, I work hard at my craft, as do many others. At the end of the day I play music because it is my passion, but it is also a great feeling to be nominated because at the very least someone thinks you are doing something good, and it is a good feeling to know that. For me, being appreciated for my art form is an important aspect of being a writer and performer. If nobody liked my music, I think that would be a pretty shitty feeling.

What will you do if you win? Pee a little. Then have a celebratory drink. Then get back to work.

Why should you win? There isn’t a way of answering this question without sounding a bit narcissistic, but because I’m good and my music is good? I hope…

If you weren’t nominated, who would you be rooting for? To be honest, no one in particular. They are all very talented artists and I’m happy to be nominated alongside all of them, and all of them deserve to win.

Other comments? Thanks for taking the time to talk to me!

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