Meat Wave ups the punk-rock ante with “Erased”

Up-and-comers Chris Sutter, Joe Gac, and Ryan Wizniak make up the Chicago-based rock band Meat Wave. Their latest single “Erased” is hot off the Brother EP from the beginning of the year. It also serves as a great preview to their soon to come Delusion Moon record set to drop this September. The release is also going to launch their U.K. tour.

MeatWaveI love a song that picks up momentum at the beginning of the track before rushing into the thick of it. The vocals are a little much and grating at times, but that’s the style they took up. It reminds me of a bunch of kids trying to pick up where the Ramones left off, and I appreciate that there are people out there trying to keep the fast-paced punk scene alive. It’s pretty standard for a punk song, not giving much more than what’s already been done in the community. “Erased” presents a great introduction to the rest of this band, however.

If you fancy yourself a punk fan, you should up the ante and check out Meat Wave’s BandCamp page. To learn more about their up-coming album and tour, visit their Facebook page, their Tumbr page (serving as an official website), and follow them on Twitter @meatwaveband.

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