Mario Tomic jazzes up his career with Art Lines

Toronto-based guitarist and music composer Mario Tomic released his latest album Art Lines late last year, displaying his skills with rock, art rock, jazz fusion, and experimental ambient music. He originally hails from Split, Croatia, before coming to Canada to build his career.

Tomic is also a member of the Association of Musical Composers (the more you know!). His music can be heard on a wide variety of radio stations like CBC Music and CKIA 88.3 FM. This marks the third album in Tomic’s career and now, according to his discography, 2015 is one busy year for the man as he’s released eight new tracks already.

MarioTomicThe music dramatically blasts synthetic sounds with synthesized sounds before a jazzy guitar sets the tone in ‘Rain Cabaret’. It’s blended in a nice way and the sound matches the track’s title. The guitar and drums are the better parts to the album, but the synthesis is a little weak – just common effects in any sound editing program.

Every song sounds too similar to really examine any one song or talk about the audio development of the album. The repetitiveness bothers me, keeping me from really liking the album. But it certainly would have its own audience out there.

‘Rain Cabaret’, ‘Fantasy Theatre’, and ‘Falls Avenue’ can be bundled in an electronic jazz style clumped at the beginning of the album. ‘Lonsome Train’ tries to change it up a little before it inevitably slides into the same rhythm everything else on this album abides by.

Tracks like ‘Endless Blue’ sound like pure elevator music. However, I suppose I have to appreciate a sort of throwback to the ’80s. I won’t deny that this man knows his way around a guitar (at least, for a smooth jazz style), but going through his music just feels like scrolling through ring tones on my phone. This album is also a bit too long for these songs to sound this similar.

Don’t forget to look at his website for more information.

2 Comments on Mario Tomic jazzes up his career with Art Lines

  1. Matt Jones // April 22, 2015 at 8:56 pm // Reply

    Journalist amateur magazine unable to distinguish between ambient rock of jazz the whole article and journaliste is pure amateur

  2. John Frattin // April 22, 2015 at 9:07 pm // Reply

    Amazing music progressive rock with ambient touch,synthesizers are under guitar and i love it Beck and Gilmour school

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