Mardeen bears their teeth with Silver Fang

Halifax-based rockers Mardeen released a new EP this February called Silver Fang, bearing the teeth of their music in oddly gleeful tones. Travis Ellis, the guitarist to the group, explained its northern setting, saying it was: “…written about an experience during a writing retreat in a cabin north of Montreal that involved unexplained events and severed brake lines.”

Silver Fang is repetitive as hell, forcing a catchy tune. It’s fun to get caught up into though, and anyone digging the fast-paced but light-hearted tunes of a summer sounding hit will take to this pretty quickly. You can hear the northern influences dipped into this song that extend past the name Silver Fang with the folksy vocals by Matthew Ellis (who also works the bass) and Jon Pearo (taking over the drums as well).

MardeenThe guitar riff, a combination between the Ellis brothers’ talent and Archie Rankin’s work, gives the song its teeth, not jumping over the edge into a purely folk music scene to the point where Torontonians would reel back in disgust. It’s the type of Canadian song that can be enjoyed nationwide, and I hope to hear more of their music reaching the corners of the country.

For more information on Mardeen, visit their website or hear them out on BandCamp. Immediate updates on their progress can be seen through their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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