March 4, 1994

On this day in 1994, Kurt Cobain was hospitalized in Rome due to an “accidental drug overdose”.

On March 3rd, Cobain’s wife Courtney Love flew in from London to join Cobain in Rome, their daughter Frances Bean Cobain and nanny Michael “Cali” DeWitt stayed in the suite next door.

The story surrounding what took place that evening has changed so many times since Cobain’s death, and no one really knows what happened. Love has claimed many many different things occurred in their hotel room, but one thing is certain.. at the end of it all, Cobain awoke in the hospital after somehow ingesting 50 Rohypnol (the date rape drug) and champagne (Cobain didn’t drink), which he swears he did not remember taking.

The story is a long one, if you are interested in the case and would like to hear the tape recorded conversations where Miss Love explained the Rome incident to private investigator Tom Grant, click link below. I’ve also attached links to the police and hospital reports.. it is frighteningly shocking.

Audio recordings:

Summary of events (starting March 30, 1994):

Study manual:

When awake and able to express what took place, Cobain was adamant that this was not a suicide attempt. That he simply wrote Courtney a letter (regarding a divorce he was seeking), gathered their money and was going to leave.. next thing he knew, he is in a hospital with  tubes in his nose and he is being told he almost died.

Cobain had called his attorney Rosemary Carroll and asked for her to draw up divorce papers two days prior to this event.

The pills in Cobain’s stomach… they were Love’s prescription.

(View photo of Love with fresh make-up at 6:30a.m after apparently trying to revive her husband. In 1994, the paparazzi wasn’t hunting down the Cobain’s in Rome. Tom Grant has proved that Courtney Love made that phone call from her hotel room.)


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