Mac Demarco delivers with Another One LP

Mac Demarco already released almost half of his seven-track mini-LP Another One before it officially dropped earlier this month. So we already knew that the album would be great, and I don’t really need to tell you how wonderful it is.

But I will anyway.

Opening with ‘The Way You’d Love Her’, originally released in May, Demarco sets the bar high with the rest of the album. The song is calm and cool, starting off with surf-infused wavy guitar and a steady bass line. Demarco’s signature vocals do their thing, setting off a straight-off-the-beach tone that parts only briefly for a twee guitar solo.

MacDeMarcoThe album’s title track follows, with equally surfy guitars, though a chugging piano and an almost jazzy drum beat pull the song into something new. The harmonized chorus – “Must be another one / Must be another one she loves” – follow that chilled-out-but-not-quite-surf vibe.

‘No Other Heart’ is upbeat as you can get for chilled-out stoner music, while ‘Just Pull Me Down’ takes on an almost country vibe, though the slide and vocal reverb sets it firmly apart from honky-tonk.

‘My House By The Water’, meanwhile, opens with the sounds of a gentle tide and an echoey keyboard, which is often drowned out by the sounds of wind and water. The (almost) entirely instrumental track is a little unexpected, but wholly soothing and the perfect way to close the record.

Demarco next heads over to Europe, but will return to Canada’s West Coast at the end of October.

For more, visit his Facebook page.

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