Luca Bash taps into the soul of music

After years of struggle, Luca Bash has evolved with his acoustic guitar and emotionally charged lyrics – stripping musical rhythms and lyrics to their bare soul. The portrayal through folk rock that Bash delivers raises the genre to a higher and newer level.

Bash balances everyday life scenarios and incorporates them into his passion for music, effectively tapping into the soul of the music. His endeavours result in praiseworthy songs that are laden with deep, emotional and meaningful lyrics and are expressed through his voice and acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar naturally adds significance while retaining simplicity, creating a powerful song that Bash wants to convey.

LucaBashThe record Single Drops, is a representation of years of dedication and commitment to providing the best possible expressions of life through music.
Bash has managed to successfully develop exceptional music that is layered with significant lyrics.

After many years, Bash delved into foreboding and the brutal realities of the world without any reservation, as he touches upon various controversies with sincerity and love. By doing so, he magnifies the song’s lyrics, hoping to change the world’s perception and pessimistic views, with optimistic symbolism.

Deep, mystical and taboo subjects are dissected and expressed with consideration and love, as well as hope for a better tomorrow. Those are the key elements that prompted Bash to provide outstanding music that is simplistically, yet powerfully portrayed with his voice and acoustic guitar.

For more information about Luca Bash, be sure to visit his website.

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