LOLAA (finally) shares first taste


It’s been over a year – a year! – since Nadia and Lexi first announced LOLAA, the sisters’ side project to Magneta Lane, the band they formed in 2003 with their friend French.

Fans of Magneta Lane, myself included, had certain expectations of what LOLAA would be though the sisters gave nothing away. I have to admit, though, I was quite surprised when they released their first track ‘ALWAYS BEEN’ on Monday.

LOLAAThe song opens with distinctive Magneta-Lane vocals, albeit with an electronic overtone though they still have that amazing fullness and depth and heartache behind them.

Musically, it’s more synthetic song. A soft hum simmers in the background while a droppy drum chatters throughout. It’s an incredibly paired down song, following the wildly minimalist path that Magneta Lane started on many moons ago.

But one thing is for sure: LOLAA is absolutely not a reincarnation of Toronto’s favourite witches. The music is unlike anything we’ve heard from this lot before, and I can’t wait to hear more.

For all the LOLAA updates you need, visit their Facebook page.

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