Like A Motorcycle :: CMW and looking forward

LAM-2Though it’s taken some time to work out the time to talk, I managed to get some great words from Jill (guitar/vocals) and Michelle (drums/vocals) of the wicked disco-punk band, Like A Motorcycle, to talk about their experience of Canadian Music Week, and what they’re working up to for the future.

Here’s what these punk rockers had to say:


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): How did CMW go?

Michelle:  Awesome. Killed the set.

Jill: It was bananas. The Rivoli was a boatload of fun and the crowd was so amped. We also caught the most amazing show at Sneaky Dee’s, with The OBGMs and The Orwells. Holy fuck, that show was good.


RMM: Did you hit up any gigs on the way to or back from Toronto?

Michelle: We played Montreal for the first time in a bar with skate ramps. It was a good stop on the way.

Jill: The bar was called TRH-BAR. There was a quarter-pipe and a pool to skate in right next to the stages. That says it all. Dirty punk kids. We felt right at home.


RMM: What was the venue like for you?

LAM-3Jill: We’d played the Rivoli before, and I dig that room. I’ve only seen a couple of shows there myself but the sound was good and we were happy. If only I hadn’t left all my chords and foot switch there it would have been perfect… haha.


RMM: How’s the new music coming along?

Jill: Well, our upcoming record is finished and will be released sometime this fall/winter, hopefully. We’re so proud of these songs. It’s the first release that has KT on it and everything is feeling really right. So excited for everyone to hear it. There has been a growth that I feel like people will notice right away. Think moments of the Pixies piggy backing on a Sloan chorus in The Donna’s basement?

Michelle: Can’t wait to drop the album, and get to writing more this summer.


RMM: What does the future hold?

Jill: The future? More rock’n’roll, more party, more shit disturbing. Making sure this record comes out soon is the main focus but we also have some killer shows coming up. Keep an eye on our website for other show listings… more secrets to be revealed sooooon!

Michelle: Hopefully a Canadian tour with more stops and getting overseas.


RMM: Do you have anything to say to the readers?

Jill: Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’! And come to our shows and buy our music and party with us! xx

Michelle: Thanks for rocking out and being sexy with us!


For more on Like A Motorcycle, visit their website.

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