Let the kids be kids with Blood and Glass’ ‘Sing Dear Queen’

Blood and Glass has a specific style to it, which makes it out as a dark fantasy laced with charm and mystique. Lisa Moore is the roller coaster-ride vocalist this band needed to really mark it as an original sound. The band formed in Montreal with Morgan Moore, whom Lisa married thereafter. ‘Sing Dear Queen’ is a track on the band’s second album, Museum With No Walls.

This video is an artsy, one filmed in environments of faint colour and hushed contrast – but it doesn’t cop out to a washed-out filter like practically all other soft-sung indie bands. Blood and Glass may have angelic smooth tones in some verses, but they aren’t afraid to really ramp it up either. It’s the message behind the song and the strength of its video’s imagery that speak the loudest here.

BloodGlassA lot of musicians tackle the issue of a lost childhood and lost innocence, but I’ve rarely seen it done in so pragmatic a way as ‘Sing Dear Queen’. It uses the very real issue of child beauty pageants as a way of constricting a childhood, shown through the multiple scenes of the little girl subject (who is fantastic at maintaining a stoic face, subtly hardening her features to show determination when she revolts) fantasizing about playing with other children in the dirt with a blatant disregard for her dress, her makeup, her looks – the way it should be with kids. She goes from frozen beauty queen to red warrior princess (lipstick face paint and all) and then back again.

The music is also just perfect at synchronizing with the video and the styles intertwine with the clinky crystal sounds and images. This video is captivating and everyone involved did a great job.

Check out their other tracks and videos on their website.

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