Laura & Greg start something good with Forever For Sure

Forever For Sure comes as the debut album for Brooklyn-based indie band Laura & Greg, currently available as a 12” vinyl or for digital download. The duo came to be in 2013, getting by with performances here and there. This May, fans will finally have a collection to listen to.

The music is very folksy, especially with the slight of guitar and the light overture that’s accompanied with a beautiful, softly sung harmony between the two. It’s cute music, really. The kind you expect to see in a quirky romantic comedy starring Zooey Deschanel or Ellen Page.

LauraGregUnfortunately, it’s coming to the point where all of these songs are sounding too much the same. I understand that it’s their style and the vocals should be constant throughout the album, but everything from the voices, the folk guitar and other instrumentals, and the subject matter is similar from song to song.

At least with the track ‘Don’t Let Me’, we get something a little stronger than the other tracks. We’re given a quiet introduction to the album and it picks up somewhat in the middle with this song. I think they should strive for more jovial music like this one, something a little more upbeat. It sounds more like them. That’s not to say there’s no credit to their slower tracks, I just feel more compelled to enjoy this style. It’s also their shortest track, taking a short and sweet approach to a different taste on the album.

Laura & Greg really are a dream-come-true to the folk music fan and for people who are sick of the grating heavy metal or the excessively fast-paced pop music that floods music communities. It’s a breather, which is something that we can all use every once in a while.

Check out their debut album, Forever For Sure, on their BandCamp page. Also be sure to visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for more information.

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