Laura & Greg have a few things to say about their journey

LauraGregBrooklyn-based duo Laura & Greg have had a big year with their album debut, Forever For Sure. After building themselves up with about two years of performances and an album under their belt, the duo have a few things to say in retrospect on this journey.

Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): How do you think being based in Brooklyn influenced your music?
Laura & Greg: I’m not sure how much it’s influenced our music, but the awesome scene here is certainly inspiring, we try to check out as many shows as we can.

RMM: Where do you generally draw your inspiration from for your music?
L&G: As far as melodies and songwriting goes, a lot of it is inspired by ’60s British rock – the Beatles, the Zombies, the Kinks. Being limited to just two band members has really helped us arrive at our current sound, which is a bit louder and more high energy then when we started out. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to get the most out of a minimal setup. I think that aspect of the band will be a little more evident with our new songs and upcoming shows

RMM: How did the two of you meet and decide to collaborate?
L&G: We just met in a bar and got talking about music. Greg suggested we start a band, half kidding, but then we actually followed through and had a practice that week. It was a super chance encounter, but we realized pretty quickly, that we could do something awesome together.

RMM: I noticed a folksy hint to your latest album – was this intentional? Would you say you’re inspired by the folk music tradition?
LauraGregL&G: We definitely like some folk music, but don’t really consider it our genre. I think the record is a quite a bit more stripped back than they way we play these days. We’ve been adding some other elements to fill it out live, while being able to keep it just the two of us. The record was mostly recorded with a nylon string, so that plays up to the folk sound a bit. But these days we are trying not to get pigeonholed as a folk duo, though it’s nice that we can appeal to fans of various genres.

RMM: I recently found out that Greg animated the well-done music video for “Muscle Memory”. Can you describe that process?
Greg: Sure! The video is a combination of rotoscoping and traditional animation. Rotoscoping is when you draw over filmed footage, so we filmed a bunch of short scenes, which I then traced over and added some weird stuff in here and there. Having most of the video framed in a circle was the initial concept, and we based the idea for each shot from that.

RMM: Laura, how did you develop that Disney-style voice that is so known in your music?
Laura: Haha, many hours of watching The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. A Disney voice is a party trick I do, but I didn’t even realize it was coming through on the L+G songs!

RMM: What can the fans expect from this dynamic duo in the future?
L&G: We are currently demo-ing out a bunch of tracks for our next release. Our sound has gotten a fair bit heavier/louder and even more fun to play live. We’ll be playing a bunch of shows for CMJ in NYC in October and have a Daytrotter Session that will be out on September 9th!

Check out Laura & Greg on their BandCamp page. Also be sure to visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @lauragregmusic for more information.

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