Laura & Greg creates great harmony with ‘Forever For Sure’

Brooklyn-based duo Laura & Greg often get by on performances, but finally has a release with their debut album, named after the single ‘Forever For Sure’.

The harmony between the vocals creates depth to the song. Laura & Greg tend to be very light and folksy and a lot of their songs follow this tradition, but it’s a pretty good sound.

LauraGreg-ForeverForSureTheir lyrics, too, are pretty great. One line that particularly resonates with me – “You’re still young and you still have time” – is especially great because it’s something that youth generally don’t hear enough of.

It doesn’t have to be fast-paced, it doesn’t have to be loud – it doesn’t even have to be repetitive to maintain the attention of the audience. When I listened to the album, though it wasn’t exactly aligned with my tastes, it was a pretty good record and even managed to get a hardened punk rocker like me to smile.

Check out their debut album Forever For Sure on their BandCamp page.

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