Kung Fu Jesus connects history and music

KungFuJesusSinger-songwriter Craig Snape, commonly known as Kung Fu Jesus, is a talented Scottish pop rock performer who presents a funky spiritual twist on pop music. An intricate assimilation of indie pop, psychedelic, acoustic, and alternative rock – with hints of new wave – characterize Kung Fu Jesus’ hauntingly strange music.

Kung Fu Jesus focuses on a fascinating adaptation that clearly depicts various facets of livelihood that isn’t exclusive of any particular being or situation. While representing pseudo-spiritual themes in his lyrics, he brings antiquated traditions intertwined with new age philosophies and lifestyles, noticeable throughout the album.

Since releasing his Celestial Gold album, Kung Fu Jesus has won continuous play on BBC radio and has been featured in an Emmy Award-winning documentary. Aside from his entertaining upbeat music, the lyrics zone in on various aspects of the human condition and mind, and of how people respond to ultimate changes throughout the centuries – from ancient Egypt right up to the Smartphone era of today.

Kung Fu Jesus enthralls listeners with his cadenced abilities to not only convey messages, but to wildly entertain listeners with the assembly and marriage of various instrumentals that create fascinating music.

For more on Kung Fu Jesus, visit his website.

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