Krysta Youngs proves she’s not your average singer-songwriter with Prescriptions

You’d be forgiven for thinking Krysta Youngs is just another singer-songwriter. You’d be forgiven, but you’d be very, very wrong.

She proves she’s much, much more with her debut EP, Prescriptions. The album is incredibly well-planned and performed to perfection. Every one of the seven songs is expertly layered, evoking different feelings and themes.

KrystaYoungsOpening track “My Funeral” is a great introduction to Youngs’ soft yet sure vocals and masterful guitar strokes. Her songwriting is also thrust into the spotlight with lyrics like “Kinda funny that today is the day you buy me roses / You really took my breath away and now everybody knows it / Take me back, take me back to before this got all messed up / ‘Cause all that really matters is if you’re gonna love me when I’m gone, gone, gone” draw you in and keep the record on repeat.

“Running With Scissors” has a baser, funky undertone, while “Absent-Minded Professors” is a real indie-pop gem.

With catchy and thoughtful songs like these, it’s no wonder that Youngs has already been featured on ESPN, MTV’s The Real World, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It also makes sense that Youngs is a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

How else could a newcomer deliver such a raw-yet-polished debut?

“Lone Wolf” slows down the record, offering a traditional singer-songwriter take that peels like an onion to reveal one masterful layer after another. Meanwhile, “Silence and the Clock” turns on an eerie jagged edge to Youngs’ music.

Finally, “Xanax (A Love Song)” pulls synthey influences to form a deep cloud of music that perfectly compliments her twee vocals.

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