Kevin Morby continues a strong solo career with ‘Parade’ video

Former Woods bassist Kevin Morby recently released the music video to his stand-alone track, ‘Parade’. It’s a popular track from his second album, Still Life in 2014. His career as a solo artist started in 2013 and continues to thrive.

‘Parade’ has somewhat solemn cityscape scenes that are occasionally matched with beautiful park forests and paths, making a nice little juxtaposition. It shows a very average look at the city, not trying to be too ambitious or go the regular route of trying to capture city landmarks. It’s basic, and gloriously so.

KevinMorbyThe song itself has a drifty haze, making this regular city experience more surreal. If you’re looking for something contemplative and relaxing, this is the type of music for you. While the video isn’t spectacular, it does the trick for the song. The grainy performance, probably as seen through a T.V. screen, at the end was a nice touch.

Check out Kevin Morby’s music through his Woodsist profile. Also be sure to look him up on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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