July Talk screams its way to your heart

Toronto’s own July Talk shoved its way into my heart – and my Top 3 list of favourite Toronto bands – during their show at the ACC on Wednesday.

JulyTalk-4Opening for the incomparable Alabama Shakes, July Talk seemed an unlikely choice. But somehow, the band’s razor-edge-meets-paired-down-sweetness made for the perfect start to the night.

Now, Alabama Shakes don’t need any introduction. The band is tight, their music is the perfect mash-up of blues and rock and, with their latest release Sound & Color, shoegazey lo-fi. Frontwoman Brittany Howard, whose stunning voice shines even brighter live, stands centre-stage, commanding the arena like the inspiration she is.

But this isn’t about that band. This is about July Talk, and how they should be your new favourite band.

I know, I know – you’re probably dead-sick of “Guns + Ammunition”. But the rest of the album is just as catchy and their live show is truly off the hook.

JulyTalk-2They nonchalantly walked on stage and collected their instruments, and excitedly began playing their set.

“It’s so weird when you’re planning to go watch a band then you end up playing,” they laugh.

Each member is soaking in the energy from the growing crowd, but none moreso than vocalist Leah Fay. At first it seems like she may have had a few too many backstage, but her brand of wild is oddly controlled. She knows what she’s doing on stage, and she does it well. She’s like the crazy cool girl you wish you could be friends with. In fact, the entire band oozes this sense of extreme chill, of pure happiness and gratitude.

They also debuted two new songs that will appear on their new album, which they’re currently recording. It’ll be your new favourite record when it comes out.

For more on July Talk, visit www.julytalk.com. And for more on Alabama Shakes, check out www.alabamashakes.com.

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