Jayd Ink finds the perfect match for ‘401 W’

Jayd Ink recently released the single ‘401 W’ to a well-receiving crowd. The video’s release soon after prompted another positive response. ‘401 W’, like a few other hits, was produced by Deezy of the Showbiz.

The video is as slow and hypnotic as the song, making the match perfect. Like with other hip hop music visualizations on the market today, the scenes are made up of modern blue, black, and white hues. Unlike many other mainstream hits today, though, the video isn’t very eventful – but it really doesn’t need to be.

JaydInk-401WThe video is a journey. Sure, it’s a quick car ride from Jayd Ink’s place to her boyfriend’s flat on 401 W (get the meaning of the song, now?), but it balances the studio portion (where the viewer is one-on-one with the diva herself) with the cinematic clips of her on her way over. It set at a soothing pace, which is a nice change from rappers and blitzing lights getting too close to the camera or vicious sexuality clawing at your screen with blatant and desperate exaggeration.

Jayd Ink is a bit different from others right now, and I hope she stays that way. The video is making its rounds on YouTube while her music is holding an audience on SoundCloud.

For more on Jayd Ink, visit www.jayd-ink.com.

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