Introducing summer 2015’s hottest tune: MAX’s ‘Puppeteer’ 

Where has he been for so long!? Or was it just me who hadn’t discovered this artist?

I got exceedingly shocked when I heard this new track, ‘Puppeteer’ by MAX. As soon as I saw this music video on YouTube, I had began searching about the mystery man, MAX.

MAX-1Max Schneider, aka MAX, is a singer, actor, model and dancer. He started performing at age three, once modeled with Madonna for an international Dolce and Gabbana campaign, and was selected as a YoungArts Theater Winner in 2010 at just 18 years old. As an actor, he was on such TV shows as Law & Order, and Beauty & the Beast. This handsome guy is not only a talented performer, but he even co-wrote the song for a popular Disney TV show, Shake It Up.

As a musician, his tracks are catchy, danceable and always ready for being broadcasted through radio waves. Yet, his new track ‘Puppeteer’ has more strength in its sound and reveals his grown up side more obviously – I mean, this song is sexy. The video also shows that he is now turning to a sexy man, instead of staying his character Zander from the kids’ show How to Rock.

MAX-2MAX’s black neon video might have a distinctive gesture in music industry – much like when Arctic Monkeys changed their musical tastes on Brainstorm. Whatever the reason, the video looks good on him. As the song and the video get more energetic, the upper register of his voice seems to shed any of its limitations. His falsetto can only go clearer, higher and more beautifully echoed (you can hear more of his amazing voice via the various pop covers on his YouTube channel.

This R&B, pop rock-influenced track will be embraced by Fall Out Boy fans, Justin Timberlake fans, Ed Sheeran fans and party animals alike.

Summer is coming and Max’s catchy dance tune will be everywhere. 2013 had ‘Blurred Lines’, 2014 had ‘Black Widow’, and 2015 now has ‘Puppeteer’.

For more on MAX, visit his website.

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