Indulge your inner biker with Cobra Ramone’s “Bang Bang”

The beginning of 2015 revved up with Cobra Ramone’s latest EP, Bang Bang. Calling themselves the “purveyors of greasy rock and roll with a slight apocalypse obsession”, it’s hard not to fall in love with the rip-roaring band. They hail from Vancouver and provide a more traditional sound than what most indie bands rocking out in the West bring to the stage.

Backed by Trevor Snakedust (on the Hammond B3) and Pat Steward (pounding the drums), Cobra Ramone is a Jack Daniels-slugging rock n’ roll gunslinger who has some musical experience under her belt. They started in 2011 with their debut, The Flood – EP. Then came their first full-length album plaintively named Cobra Ramone (2012), bringing a sound that was far out of the ordinary.

CobraRamoneCobra Ramone represents the ultimate in biker-gang music with edgy female vocals. The Bang Bang EP shows that they may be an indie band, but they’ve got the teeth of any other bass-blasting rock band.

I love this band’s sound and attitude, and what I love about it most is that it’s just the gritty kick in the ass that most of us need on a working day. Listening to this bit really spruced me up and got the blood flowing. Maybe it’s something in the bass vibe of the guitar, maybe it’s the grating in Ramone’s voice, or maybe it’s something bigger than that. “She Don’t Know” brings out the full wrath of the band, making it my favoruite track.

Come on down and get amped with Cobra Ramone: check out their website to hear their music – any self-respecting rocker would. while you’re at it, visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @cobraramone.

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