If you haven’t heard of Caves, you need to listen to Caves

If you haven’t heard of the band Caves, then you’re definitely missing out on some seriously good tunes. Based in Saskatoon, Caves is a highly prolific indie band composed of Peter Grier, Stephen Cooley, Angus Dickin, and Jeremy Kiss.

In the span of a year – from 2012 to 2013 – Caves has released six albums: Caves, Hot Gas Vol. 1, Secretly Dead, Extra Foods, Young & Dumb, and Idle Worship. The band’s most recent release, Idle Worship, is a well-appreciated pun for “idol worship.” Featuring eight tracks in total, the album has quirky song titles that range from ‘Lucid Basement’, to ‘Blackmail Preacher’.

CavesThe lo-fi pop tracks are trance-like in quality, and Grier’s mellow vocals seems to float over the instruments; ‘Nirvanaman’ is a perfect example of this. Starting off relatively cool and somber, the track ends with  heavy instrumentals that belies its mellow beginnings.

Despite the track’s dearth in vocal time – being predominated largely by instrumental music – the few times that Grier does sing, he nails it. The lyrics themselves paint a gloomy picture: “I want to be empty / Will you please burn all of my belongings?” Paradoxically, a listener to the track may claim that the bleak lyrics provide substantial comfort during bleak times.

The album is a definite must-play for long road trips or for times when you need to wind down and detach yourself from the world.

Check out Caves on BandCamp, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

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