Humour and politics come together with BA Johnston’s ‘Fort McMurray’

BA Johnston describes himself as a “failed showman” but he never let this stop him from releasing this tenth studio album in February. Other compilations of silly songs usually based in pop culture include: Songs About a Stewardess (2005); My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo (2005); Call Me When Old and Fat is the New Young and Sexy (2008); Stairway to Hamilton (2009); I Was a Young Man Once (2009); Split 7” w/ The Magnificent Sevens (2010); Thank You For Being a Friend (2010); and Hi Dudes! (2012). Hell of a discography, so let’s see what he’s got.

BAJohnston-2First of all, everything from the cover of the album (sporting a slave Johnston before Jabba the Hut) to the name itself – Shit Sucks – is exactly the kind of humour I’m into. We’re surrounded by artists who take themselves too seriously and there usually isn’t enough love for comedic bands and artists. To see someone like BA Johnston gives me the hope that more Weird Al Yankovic-type acts might lighten up someone’s commute while they listen on their iPod. This is the kind of music that would make me smirk on a train ride – maybe even crack up a little.

‘Gonna End Up Working In Fort McMurray’ tells the story of a deadbeat man who can’t secure a job in his hometown, so thinks about going over to Alberta to get a job at Fort McMurray (showing the state of the Canadian economy). This has interesting political satire intertwining with silly comedic lines (like “my philosophy degree, basically TP, might as well frame some Charmin and hang it on my wall”), making a charming little song.

Check out his website for more information.

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