Give in to Temptation with Michael Feuerstack’s ‘The Devil’

Michael Feuerstack returns to the music scene with his album The Forgettable Truth and the prominent song ‘The Devil’. He’s been a notable Canadian indie rock musician since 1994, working with bands like Wooden Stars and Snailhouse. He retired from Snailhouse in 2012 and since released music under his own name, including his last two albums Tambourine Death Bed and Singer Songer.

MF-FT-FrontCoverThe Forgettable Truth is his newest effort, released on March 7. Like his previous albums, this is a collection of collaborative acts by known artists like Pierto Amato, Peter Xirogianus, and Mike Belyea.

‘The Devil’ eases you in with a hypnotic tune before cutting away to a steady guitar and drum rhythm. There’s an underlying tension to the tune juxtaposed with the soft vocals brought by Feuerstack. With the chorus, we’re introduced to an odd synthetic touch that I feel is a bit out of place. It generally works as an acceptable addition to the song, I just found it to be a bit of an intrusion. Don’t let that get you down, though – this is a great track and a good intro to the new listener discovering this album. The devil “had his love” and this song will take your heart.

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