Gabrielle Papillon is solemnly serene with ‘Got You Well’ video

Straight from her latest album Tempest of Old, ‘Got You Well’ was hypnotic amongst her fans – I was caught up in the trance when I reviewed her album. The video follows a cinematic live performance and was released in early March, making for a great preview for the rest of the album that came out later that month.

GabriellePapillonThere isn’t much you can do with live performance music videos except present it with great scenery and perform in a very intriguing way. While the place they’re playing is charming to look at and has a great atmosphere, the way they play the song is pretty straightforward and doesn’t do much to intrigue. It’s a shame because the song is really good.

The video is worth checking out anyway since it’s a great introduction to the rest of the album. ‘Got You Well’ is a solemn piece that’s easy to fall in love with. It slowly mounts and drops off at all the right moments.

Support Gabrielle Papillon and listen to her music on her BandCamp page. For more information on up-coming albums, check out her website.

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