Friday Night Trend shows potential with their ‘Wasted Youth’ video

Friday Night Trend is the Toronto-based punk rock band that already has the Friday Night Trend EP in 2013 and a single, ‘Wasted Youth’, under their belt. They’ve got a great zany style, which is clear to see when you look at the cover to this single. To accompany this nifty song, they recently came out with a video.

FridayNightTrendThe video jumps between an extended running sequence with a guy who soon joins a running mate near the middle of the video, and a performance from the band in some sort of art studio. I like the simplicity of the cityscape – these guys didn’t feel the need to show landmarks, but just displays storefronts as a backdrop to this character.

It’s pretty basic and forgetful, the destination is less impressive than the journey as he buys chocolate milk and candy from a gas station and sits down on the curb – oddly content with the whole thing. I guess the point is that someone his age should really have something better to do – unless the band is getting across a message that it’s the small things that matter the most. Anyhow, the song is pretty catchy and is the most resonating thing about the production.

Check out the Friday Night Trend BandCamp page to hear them out. For more on this band, visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @FNTtweets.

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