Find The Others take flight with ‘Night Owl’ video

To promote the upcoming Empire of Time album, Find The Others released an interesting video in March for one of their sleepier tracks, ‘Night Owl’.

When I saw the generic retro filter to the video as soon as it started, I thought it was going to be a run-of-the-mill hipster-inspired kind of music video. Actually, the typographical framing of this drawn-out shot is what saves it from being “just another cheap video”. The colours are subdued to give way to other effects, namely the lyrics jaunting across the screen through which you can see the subject running in slow motion.

FindTheOthersThe full video has a subtle blue tint to it, which makes the near ending pretty awesome. A girl runs in with a smoke flare, letting crimson smoke billow out and trail behind her as she runs alongside the man. He meets other people along the way, making this a strange journey that this odd stranger is embarking on. I suppose he’s the “night owl” they mention here, somewhat interfering with people as he runs along into the outer dark.

Is it an over-the-top spectacular video? Not particularly, and it really doesn’t need to be. The music is light just like the visual representation of it, thereby letting everything match one another in harmony.

To hear this track and others like it, check out the band’s BandCamp. For more information on new releases, check out their website.

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