Find The Others makes an impression with “We Stared at the World”

Find The Others is another intriguing product of the Forward Music Group, releasing their second album, Empire of Time, in April. To get a decent introduction to the rest of the album, this single was released in March.

Their music has been described by Halifax Pop Explosion as “focused and enthralling, [they] take chamber-pop arrangements, delicate vocals, found sound and other quelling quirks and turn it all into one of Canada’s most spellbinding live shows.”

FindTheOthersThe first thing that hits me with this song is how crisp it sounds and how all odd sounds and beats seamlessly come together. What I like about this effect is that it has a contemplative inter-galactic feeling to it – like the listener is suddenly held suspended above the world. It was definitely intended, given the name of the song. The vocals are a nice touch, but the instrumentals are what convey the feeling the most.

To hear this track and others like it, check out Find The Others BandCamp page. For more information on new releases, check out their website and Facebook page.

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