Feeling out the new Weeknd track

Don’t let the slow, gritty opener of The Weeknd’s surprise single fool you: ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ is a marked departure from his traditional sound.

On the track, which debuted at Apple’s Monday conference, The Weeknd trades the dark smokey sound we’re used to for a popper feel – one that’s already being compared to that of Michael Jackson.

The song features a simple back beat, and clear lead vocals that pair surprisingly well with the hyper-electronic backing ones. It’s also the first single off The Weeknd’s follow-up to 2013’s Kiss Land.

‘Can’t Feel My Face’ still somehow has that Weeknd touch, both in feel and with the strange and kind of dark lyrics:

“We both know we can’t go without it / She told me you’ll never be in love / I can’t feel my face when I’m with you / But I love it, but I love it”

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