February 27, 1977

Feb27On this day in 1977, Keith Richards was arrested for heroin possession in Toronto.

Richards was late getting to Toronto to play the El Mocambo, which would provide tracks for the upcoming Love You Live album.

Richards, with partner Anita Pallenburg by his side, took a hit of heroin on the airplane over and somehow his spoon ended up in Pallenberg’s possession. Later the police would arrive at Richards’ Harbour Castle Hotel dressed as waiters. Richards’ son let them in.

The Stones’ guitarist hadn’t slept for five days prior and had just shot up so he was basically unconscious and, while in that state, the police searched his room and found an ounce of heroin that had been brought over from England. It took authorities 45 minutes to wake Richards in order to read him his rights and properly arrest him.

Due to the amount of heroin that was found, Richards was charged with trafficking.

At that time, Richards was quoted saying, “What is on trial is the same thing that’s always been on trial. Dear old them and us. I find this all a bit weary. I’ve done my stint in the fucking dock. Why don’t they pick on the Sex Pistols?”

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