Fans warm up to Philippe B’s ‘Orinthologie’ video

Philippe B (B for Bergeron) started in Quebec as the lead vocalist for Gwenwed and a session guitarist for Pierre Lapointe. With his latest album, Orinthologie, la nuit, fans see more colourfully inspired track releases like ‘Orinthologie I’. When you hear music like this, it’s no surprise that he won the Felix award at L’ADISQ for songwriter of the year in 2014. Now, the video brings all kinds of new light to the music.

PhilippeBThe use of atmosphere is a very powerful tool in music video making. Philippe B doesn’t just use it – he takes advantage of it through three different avenues. A tri-separated split-screen that starts off with the artist himself in a warm-light setting playing the piano soon breaks into a flashy marching band (who have apparently been waiting in the wings).

The camera soon casts a glance upward to a choir of black singers. For a moment, we’re suspended here between these three figures – all containing characters collaborating on an ornithology of human voices, if you will. It’s a well-thought out video (without being too complicated) for a beautiful song.

Check out more of Philippe B on his website.

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