Fans are falling for Mike Evin’s ‘Have I Ever Loved?’ video

Mike Evin, the Montreal-based indie artist with a knack for charming love songs (as illustrated by his recent album Life As A Lover, set to release this August), recently came out with the video for his popular single ‘Have I Ever Loved?’ He’s been active among the indie community since 2001 but is now making a comeback after his last album, Do You Feel The World? in 2011.

MikeEvinThere’s a warm vibe coming from this video, especially with the warm tone and the heartfelt subject matter. The use of older people mouthing the words to the song throughout the video is cute, to say the least. It’s a charming video, certainly suited to the music. This music isn’t exactly up my alley, but it’s a bit catchy.

The video is so far successful in generating excitement for his new album; people are drawn to it and have nothing but nice things to say about both the song and the album.

To check out some other songs on his new album, or to track his career, his website would be your best bet, but he can be reached on his Facebook page and through Twitter.

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