Explizit One keeps good music alive with ‘We Used to Dream’

Rappers like Explizit One have a certain style that hails from a place that’s Straight Outta Compton, ignoring the shallow glamour that corporate-backed rap often relates to. This Boston native just released his latest track, “We Used to Dream” to new crowds in a campaign to “keep good music alive” (his mission statement on his Facebook page).

His first mix tape came in 2012 under the name Long Time Coming The Mixtape, so called after years of collaborating with other rappers on their records. Finally, the hip-hop hopeful not only got his own brand on scene, but he’s been going strong since. Part of this career involves a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a project he aims to make “the best Hip-Hop album ever”.

ExplizitOneThe collaboration with Skyzoo & Torae makes this track deeper and more varied in its sound. It clashes somewhat, though, since the “We used to dream” female vocals (which I presume are meant as a backdrop to the rap track) covers the lyrics that Explizit One is firing off.

This bit of criticism doesn’t keep me from liking the song, and some of the lyrics still stand out very well. “When you’re looking for cops, it’s hard to look in your heart” shows that inspiration from the rap of the Golden Age – namely the tracks from notorious group N.W.A. The message of the song is strong, showing the crippling reality and the danger these men live in comes crashing down on them. Rap has taken on a new face with the hip-hop vocal overlay, and in this case, it works for the uniqueness of the song.

Explizit One could use your help on this one: check out his music on his Bandcamp page and, if you like what you hear, drop a donation on his Kickstarter campaign. Also, check out his Facebook page for more information and follow him on Twitter @ExplizitOne.

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