Elyse Weinberg invites you to the ‘City of the Angels’

ElyseWeinbergThis one hails back to a time when electronic synthesis was hardly heard of, embracing the raw sounds of acoustic guitar and hippie prose that that ‘60s brought. Numero Group, upon doing a little digging, found an unreleased gem by Canadian folk singer Elyse Weinberg. “City of the Angels” was originally intended to be released with her lost LP, Greasepaint Smile and, many moons later, it comes up amongst the indie community.

Every swaying jovial lyric really marks this as music from another time, but the flower child essence of it is something that Canadian indie artists today manage to catch. A little repetitive, a little too happy, but I’m glad it was found along with her other track, “Houses”, on which she had collaborated with Neil Young. Keep on rocking, Elyse!

Check out what else this folk legend has going on through her official website.

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