Don’t listen to mama: watch Dilly Dally’s ‘Desire’ instead

The video for Dilly Dally’s ‘Desire’, which will be available on the band’s upcoming album Sore, occupies that really weird space between what you want and what your mom wants for you (provided your mom is a Stepford wife).

The song opens with a distorted screeching guitar before lead vocalist Katie Monks screams out a four-count. The video also opens with that hard edge: a quick flip through everything from rolls of toilet paper on fire to an angelfish, before following each of the band members getting shit on (both figuratively and otherwise).

DillyDallyThe quote-unquote story line is pierced by the band’s performance between floating white drapes and pastel backdrops – the perfect juxtaposition for the band’s unique mix of sweet, breathy harmonies (provided by guitarist and vocalist Liz Ball) and absolutely insanely distorted guitars, crashing drums (care of Benjamin Reinhartzk) and, of course, screeching, throaty vocals. Jimmy Tony’s throbbing bass round out the group’s signature sound.

You’ll be able to see Dilly Dally’s shenanigans in person when they go on tour this fall – even your mama would tell you to catch them live.

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