Dilly Dally releases ‘Desire’ ahead of debut

DillyDallyToronto’s Dilly Dally are (finally) releasing their highly anticipated debut album, Sore, on October 9 and they’ve treated fans to the first single off the record, called ‘Desire’ (listen here).

The track is a refined version of the soft grunge we’ve come to love from the band. It’s heavy on the feedback and singer/guitarist Katie Monks’ strained, throaty vocals are complimented by a sweet background hum. Liz Ball’s guitar features a laid-back tune, while Jimmy Tony’s bass works to thread up the track as the drums, courtesy of Benjamin Reinhartz, simultaneously pull the track back and push it ahead.

It shifts wonderfully between soft and hard, loud and quiet, and has drawn countless Pixies references. And we can expect more of that on Sore.

DillyDally-'Desire'Sore is an album about rebirth—hence its disgusting guitar tones and constant moaning,” Monks told FADER in an email. “What can I say, happiness is a struggle, but the last thing I’d ever want you or anyone else to do is give up that fight.”

The band is also embarking on a West Coast tour, with stops in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

For more on Dilly Dally visit their Facebook page.

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