Delilah takes classic jazz and makes it timeless

Delilah-albumFor all jazz lovers and lovers of the mellifluous songs of Nat King Cole, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett and Diana Ross, Delilah brings us exceptional jazz hits of the past with her mesmerizingly delightful voice.

Her new EP, Delilah Sings Sarah + 1, is a tribute to Sarah Vaughn and was released in February. The track listing includes hits like ‘September in the Rain’, ‘Just Friends’ and ‘Whatever Lola Wants’. The breathtaking and entertaining performance that Delilah delivers to audiences is simply astonishing.

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, this Torontonian has musical roots. She toured with her family throughout Europe, performing with notable Roman performers Bongo Margit, while residing in Hungary. In fact, Delilah was only 10 years old when she began performing! Delilah’s parents involved her in music at a tender age, which honed her musical talents and made her the performer she is today. She is surely to delight and please all jazz lovers!

DelilahBecause of a variety of factors, including the political unrest and racial tension in Europe, Delilah and her family moved to Toronto in 1998. By the age of 19, the extraordinary vocalist became popular in Toronto for her silvery and sweet voice. Her love of music is obvious when we listen to her singing the great jazz hits, providing us with an escape from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Delilah continues to perform, pursuing her lifelong dream of sharing the soothing melodies of jazz worldwide. She was ranked No. 1 for jazz music in Toronto and she’s in the Top 25 nationally.

Her songs of timeless melodies, which enthralled many years ago, will definitely enchant listeners and provide enjoyment, while reminiscing of the everlasting and memorable performers of the past.

Be sure to check out Delilah’s songs, and get ready to be captivated as she sings her tribute songs at her YouTube page.

Also, visit Delilah’s website for more information.

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