DAVIDS’ ‘Right On’ video is the band’s black sheep


DAVIDS is a Toronto-based synthetic pop band with fluid sounds and interesting cinematography in their videos. They’re relatively new with the ‘Dead Walkie (Single)’ coming out in 2013 along with their release of 0613EP a month later. Another interesting tidbit about them: they call themselves the “Archie Bunker of electronic music”.

Red, black, and white strobes constantly flicker throughout the satanic seizure that is their newest video, ‘Right On’. It’s neat to look at and seems very interpretive – not something I would rack my brains trying to find the meaning of. This video lives and breathes a Slipknot motif but the song itself isn’t over-the-top heavy metal in that sense. It’s got a fast-paced almost techno underlay with grating punk vocals on top.

DAVIDS-albumLooking at their other videos, this one certainly presents itself as a black sheep. If you’re looking for something fascinatingly ugly or maybe want to kickstart a gore binge, this video’s in your wheelhouse. The pace of the video certainly matches the speed of the song.

Want to get wrapped up in this realm of electronica? Check out their releases on BandCamp and be sure to visit their website.

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