Das Blankout skips the awkward early band stage with Player 1

Player 1, the breakout debut by Montreal’s Das Blankout, opens with a bang. Immediately, you can tell this trio has the mastery of a seasoned band.

‘King of the World’, the band’s latest single and opening song, is a perfectly mastered power-pop track with just enough of a synthy vein to keep it from being eerily perfect.

‘Get Up!’ starts with a low-fi tinge and jumps quickly into a hard-hitting garage-fest, complete with subtle call outs and a wonderful bridge that shows off singer and guitarist Matt Burghardt’s lovely great voice. Bassist Kim Burghardt offers the five-track album depth while Pat Bilodeau gives the record as much punch as you could want on drums.

DasBlankout-2‘Take Me To The Casino’ is a good example of that. It’s raw and fast and exciting; if this track doesn’t get your blood pumping – and fast – you might be a lost cause.

As a slow-me-down track, though, ‘Fun And Games’ keeps the hype factor up with its creeping tone, courtesy of a plucky bass and echoey backing vocals.

The album ends with ‘Player 2’, a nod to the record’s title. It’s a ballad-y song that calls on folkish tendencies, but with lyrics like “I think I changed my mind / Thought I was doing alright / But now I see the world from the ground,” it’ll have you singing along in no time.

Das Blankout will be playing with The Nursery in Toronto on October 7, in Hamilton on October 8, and in Windsor on October 11. For more on the band, visit their website.



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