Collaborative project Vukovar reigns supreme with Emperor

Vukovar is an interesting new project courtesy of Small Bear Records, showcasing a collaboration of the studio’s greatest artists. Mikie Daugherty, Marie Reynolds, and Jonny Peacock of Postcode join in the contribution to a band formed by Rick Clarke and Dan Shea from The Bordellos and Neurotic Wreck. All of this talent is topped off with Mark Sayle from Circus worlD.

They previously released an EP called New World Reorder. Even though they only formed in 2014, their previous fame amongst the indie community has fuelled excitement for the band and their new effort, Emperor. It has been considered their pop album, though they say the audience will get a hint of new wave, rock, and industrial and garage punk. Being based in Northern England, after all, doesn’t stop them from being popular in the North here.

VukovarEvery track is something new, ensuring that this album has a little something that everyone can enjoy. It’s largely instrumental, though vocals are present in interesting ways. They can either be obscured or drawn-out, making it a part of the rhythm in a way.

What I loved about this album is the way it kick-started my excitement with the track ‘Regular Patrons Of The Salon Kitty’. ‘Lose My Breath’ is also a very enticing piece since the sounds from it perfectly reflect the feeling in the title – especially with the vocal filters.

The balance between high-intensity music riffs and slower, more contemplative tracks are really well thought out. The sounds of this collection range from Skinny Puppy to Interpol. It stretches over multiple sides of a spectrum and I love all of them. ‘No Guilt Felt’ is another powerful piece on this album, and tracks like it are reasons for giving these guys and girls a try.

If you’re a fan of Small Bear Records, or you’re looking for a great introduction that kills all the birds with one stone: check out Emperor by Vukovar for a new listening experience.

Like with virtually all of their other releases, this is a name-your-price basis for downloading it. It can be sampled on their BandCamp page. We’ll have to stay tuned for other releases by this group.

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