CMW 2015 :: The Writers’ Society

WritersSociety-2If there’s anything to say about The Writers’ Society’s Canadian Music Week set on Saturday it’s this: the poppy indie-rock-meets-skater-punk group is going for something new, and in this damn-near-boring musical landscape, that’s certainly something for which they should be commended.

The band’s vocals certainly stand out, coming from a scratchy place in the singer’s throat. At the show’s start, I’m not quite sure if they fit the music, but they certainly get better as the band’s set progresses.

The band also gets more comfortable on stage as the night wears on, showing their strengths, especially in the loud-and-fast songs. They get explosive in the more skater-punk sounding tracks, and the crowd definitely notices, moshing and dancing around.

Then, between the tinny symbols and the throbbing bass, when the searing guitars part, you can make out the stretched tones of a cello. I’m not sure how that adds to their sound – and that could just be a by-product of a yet-to-be-perfected live set – but, either way, it’s something that could and definitely should be explored.

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