CMW 2015 :: The Nursery

TheNursery-2The Nursery bursts into their Canadian Music Week set, catching everyone in the young audience by amazing surprise: finally, a band that knows what the fuck they’re doing.

The quartet opens with the two tracks off their latest EP – ‘She Speaks the Wave’ and ‘Hexes and Ohs’ – and they continue into a high-energy set, filled with fun vocals and indie pop at its very best.

Their stage presence is commanding, and even the teenaged crowd has noticed – no one is talking or trying to see if their crush is watching them. Instead they’re dancing and watching intently, actually enjoying themselves.

And The Nursery is enjoying themselves too. They’re obviously feeling the music, their bodies swaying and jerking in time, their lips curling into smiles whenever they look at the crowd.

TheNursery-3Unfortunately, their amazing set was cur short as a result of the rest of the bands running on.

Still, the Nursery was on point: interesting drum beats, whirring and distorted guitars, and two – yes, two – sets of keys. They’re incredibly tight and work so well together. They’re comfortable on stage and put on a truly good show.

For more on the Nursery, visit And for more photos from their set, visit and like the official Raz Mataz Facebook page.

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