CMW 2015 :: Scenic Route to Alaska

ScenicRouteToAlaskaIt snowed a foot in Edmonton before Scenic Route to Alaska left for Toronto. So, basked in sun on the tiki-themed rooftop patio of the Bovine Sex Club, the band were happy campers and they made sure the rest of the AB Co-hosted crowd was happy, too.

The band plays the kind of radio-friendly music that doesn’t such. It’s indie rock at heart, but with a honky-tonk tinge and wavy, almost yokel-like vocals and lovely harmonies, they’ve most certainly got dream-pop sensibilities.

They’re also not afraid to play with tempo and volume – and it’s glorious. Intricate drum beats pair with tubbing bass and sweet, strumming guitars to make for fun, borderline country music (the good kind, not the weird hick kind).

The great thing about the band is that they’re not afraid to incorporate different sounds. They let loose their chillwave tendencies at times and rounded out certain tracks with twinkling guitar solos and and a full-band sound, but brought it all home with honky vocals. They do high energy just as well as they do soft and soulful, and all of that combines for a diverse and exciting set.

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