CMW 2015 :: Professor H & the Bandits

ProfHBandits-2The first thing you should know about Professor H & the Bandits’ Canadian Music Week set at the Velvet Underground on Saturday night is that the four-piece band is young. They, like much of the audience, have their hands Xed up on account of them not being of legal age.

But, the second thing you should know about the alt-rock band – and perhaps the most important – is that they are really very good.

Professor H employs the loud-and-fast technique of rock music. They do psych-grunge, complete with blowing guitar riffs and swirling vocals, and they do it well.

I mean, the all-ages crowd didn’t seem to know what to do with what the band was giving them, but what music buffs were among them were very into it, dancing and moshing where appropriate.

ProfHBandits-6But, still, they’re young, and that comes through in their lyrics. Take the song about Drew Barrymore, for example: it’s essentially just yelling “Drew Barrymore” over and over.

Their slower tracks, too, could use some work. Their unique vocal stylings aren’t particularly well-suited to those calmer songs, but bless their hearts for trying.

Either way, it’s obvious that, musically, they’re very talented. They know how to play to the crowd – stage diving at times, jumping up on speakers. They have a very bright future together – fuzzy guitars and all.

For more on Professor H & the Bandits, visit their BandCamp page. And for more photos from the show, visit and like the official Raz Mataz Facebook page.

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