CMW 2015 :: ColinResponse

ColinResponse-4The last act of the night was ColinResponse, and it’s not hard to see why he’s the main attraction.

First off, Colin and his many-membered backing band play together like a well-oiled machine. The set starts with a hypeman getting the older crowd raring to go, before Colin leaps on stage; now that’s how you make an entrance.

Musically, Colin and his band are diverse. He uses that brassy big-band sound, complete with trombone, sax and trumpet but infuses more R&B-styled music with reggae tendencies.

Musically, they build in all the right places, and pull the audience in at all the right times.

Then, before you know it, he’s switched gears and a catchy and uppity drumbeat turns the set to a jazzy slant. Then, again, the music morphs into a completely danceable pop set. Then, yet again, the music slides into a feel of swinging show tunes. That variety, amazingly, seems to fit so naturally in one set.

ColinResponse-2That’s probably because Colin and his band are naturals. They’re seasoned professionals. They know how to get the crowd excited, throwing beach balls around and running through the audience, and confidently embrace those beautiful moments of improvisation. But because of how frequently they undoubtedly perform, their set, on a few rare occasions did feel a little robotics – like they were going through the motions.

Still, they’re having fun on stage and that’s obvious, and they know how to transfer that excitement to the crowd; they paused the set to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a fan, and later interrupted the set for a Selfie Party, during which the band played a great ’50s-rock cover of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ as Colin jumped into the audience to take selfies with the crowd.

Overall, ColinResponse puts on a great show, plays wonderfully happy music, and you should have him on your radar.

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