Chloe Baker examines suburbia with Bitter’s Kiss

New Jersey’s very own Chloe Baker performs with her family, creating indie pop songs – collected in a record called Bitter’s Kiss – that reflect on the melancholy lifestyle of suburban living, laced with hardships and the human condition. Baker reminds listeners of fragile humanity with her entrancing lyrics and flowing music, and she manages to tell stories from a musical perspective. Her exploration of humanity and the world is clearly evident in ‘The Rope’, which touches upon the tragic suicide of a distant relative who was a member of a religious family. Yet the song is vulnerable nonetheless to life’s unrelenting conditions. This circumstance prompted Baker to ponder, eventually creating the song that sends a message: staying true to one’s own identity.

ChloeBakerBaker’s father, who was actively involved in music for the most part, maintained a studio, was a member of a band and had an enviable guitar collection. He was also active in music theatres and was a wonderful influence on Baker’s entry into the fascinating music world. Baker’s father helps her to record and produce the amazing songs that will definitely fascinate listeners, from all walks of life!

Each of Baker’s songs has immense significance, in respect to life’s changes and hardships, and overcoming those hardships through the strength of character and positivity. Baker’s youth didn’t prevent her from focusing and producing heart-touching and memorable songs, with her father’s guidance. The powerful lyrics depict the innate understanding and realizations that Baker expresses through her music. Even though she’s young, Baker demonstrates the vast potential and success that awaits her.

Be sure to visit Baker’s website for more information.

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