Chicago Loud 9 assembles with the Just Once EP

There’s no set limit of how little or how many members you should have in your band, and with the case of Chicago Loud 9, the band is more like a party between different musical acts. That’s because back in 2012, nine musical acts came together for a Friday-night winter showcase in the Chicago-based House of Blues, and soon became a collaborative group, fixing to release albums.

This sizeable ensemble is made up of emcee Dhan Dee, vocalist Aya Smith, cellist Geoff Kartes who also lends his voice, guitarist Chad Wynes (aka Bumptious Q. Bangwhistle), Kyle Voivodas on percussion, Jasen Brown with an array of percussions, keys, guitar, and “backflips,” Paulie G on the trumpet, Kennytime on the alto saxophone, and bass guitarist James Hatten.

ChicagoLoud9Chicago Loud 9 describe their music as “a true party mashup mixture – reminiscent of the Black Keys, Outkast, and a Tarantino movie soundtrack on steroids”. I don’t know about you, but I’m intrigued. Especially when this description comes in the form of an Avengers-like ragtag crew of musical hopefuls.

There’s a playful harmony on this EP that ranges greatly between the various talents on the team, but often resting on rap, gospel, and funk. A satisfying change of pace comes with “Time (Is of the Essence)” where they maintain the triumvirate of their style, but experiment with a harder rock style by shredding the guitar harder.

While it’s not a new trend to blend rap with rock, Chicago Loud 9 does a pretty damn good job with it. You also get a vibe with more soul, blues, and ska intertwined to create variety. It branches out with its style, and the odds are that you’ll probably end up liking at least one of the track on the Just Once EP.

Need a sound system overload? Of course you do! Look them up on their official website to hear more about their story and music. For more updates on the nonet known as Chicago Loud 9, go through their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @chicagoloud9.

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