Brady Harding would give anything to go back and we’d like to see where things go from here 

Unfiltered, raw emotion. That’s what gets pulled up from the deepest dark of our guts when something so devastating happens that everything else that usually occupies our lives seems ridiculous and all that matters is the source of anguish.

Most of us don’t share every emotion we’re feeling when something like this happens – hell, we don’t share everything we feel when it’s not happening.  But these feelings are truth.  Brady Harding, a Barrie, Ont., singer/songwriter/producer/etc., is an artist who’s courageous enough to be honest about the emotions most of us are too uncomfortable to acknowledge, let alone share with others.

BradyHarding-2Like many artists these days pinned with the ‘indie rock’ label, his work is as polished as anything put out by the majors. His debut EP I Would Give Anything to Go Back is an effortless blend of rhythm, blues, rock, and folk, crafted with superior musicianship, flawless production, and Harding’s soulful vocals, made all the more impressive by the fact that all six tracks were recorded in one almost-20-hour studio session.

‘Saudade’ is the instrumental intro to the EP that opens like the promise of a coming storm, then calms to a gentle, soothing drizzle leading us seamlessly into the next song. . .

‘A Chance to Grow’ is that song. It’s a folk-rock ballad about a not-so-mutual break-up that’s allowed for realization and growth like, “I’ve learned what comes from a broken heart / The chance to learn, the chance to see in the dark”.

‘Birches’ is an up-tempo blues-y track with honest and insightful admissions like, “Every day I struggle with the best and worst of me / In the face of doubt I find that everything is where it should be / It’s just me inside my head”, while ‘Conversation Holder’ has a more R&B-infused sound with a wistful guitar riff that evokes a stifled cry of joy that’s been suppressed to protect exposing optimism and hope to disappointment. It’s perfect, considering the song is about losing the chance to be with someone due to foot-in-mouth disease – something every guy in the universe can relate to.

BradyHarding-3‘Rye and Ginger’ has more of a traditional blues sound and describes the heartbreak of missing someone this way, “Do you still drink rye and ginger, gingerly breaking my heart / Finding your place in the dark, to everything that I loved when I was a kid”.  Fantastic.

‘The Accident and the Aftermath’ rounds off the record. It’s a when-it-rains-it-floods story sung over a haunting rock track.

The entire EP is available for streaming on Brady’s BandCamp page, but why stream it when you can own it and support a great artist for less than you’d spend on an overpriced designer coffee?

You can also check him out at the ARTarium on October 29, 2015 (tonight!).  Wanna see what you’re getting from Brady in his live performance? Check out this video . Keep up with Brady by liking his Facebook page. And you can download the single ‘Conversation Holder’ for free at his SoundCloud.

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