Big Data releases new music ahead of new music

BigData-CleanBig Data was going to be it. He was going to be the act to finally and fully convert me to a lover of techno-pop dance-esque music. I absolutely loved everything about ‘Dangerous’, featuring Joywave, and now he’s collaborating with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer – and Jamie Lidell (listen below). This is going to be it.

Or not.

If I have to tell the truth, the Rivers Cuomo collab, called ‘Snowed In’, fell flat and I can’t tell you why. Musically, it’s good. And vocally it’s good. But together, there’s something that’s just not working. Maybe it sounds too much like a bad remix, which it’s not. Or maybe I’m just not meant to like dancey techno-pop, which this song is.

The lyric video, too, is lame compared to that for ‘Dangerous’, and it’s ripped off for the latest single, ‘Clean’, featuring Lidell.

That song, meanwhile, features stronger vocals, but the same boring music that makes me sad.

Still, I’ll probably buy Big Data’s upcoming album, called 2.0, out of morbid curiosity and a sliver of hope that I’m not doomed to bar dance music’s entry to my playlists forever. The record is set for a March 24 release date, followed by a North American tour that hits Vancouver and Victoria on the West Coast, and goes as far north as Rochester, N.Y., on the East Coast.

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