Big Data gets big credit with ‘The Business of Emoji’ video

Born from the debut album of Big Data, 2.0, ‘The Business of Emoji’, featuring White Sea, was recently released with an interesting video. The subject of the album revolves around issues of the 21st Century, dealing with topics like Edward Snowden, social media, and quirky things like emojis.

Taking the simple and making something very creative out of it is exactly what this video is pulling off. It’s really just a series of pictures (emojis that you find on your phone) that reflect the song – one that I liked a lot when I gave this album a listen for the first time. Seeing the imagery with the corresponding lyrics is also a creative way of making the audience pay attention to both the song and the video more closely to connect the two, creating a more immersive experience.

BigDataAccording to Alan Wilkis, the music producer and main man behind the Big Data project, the emoji becomes a way of defining the way we individually use language since two people often interpret one emoji in completely different ways. Anyway, this video is cute and it’s pretty damn clever with the limited range of imagery it chose to work with.

Check out Big Data’s site for the premiere of 2.0 to hear the album for yourself. Also check out the Facebook page and Twitter feed for more information.

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