Alex Stooshinoff sets free with upcoming Patient Hands

AlexStooshinoff-1Patient Hands is Alex Stooshinoff’s upcoming EP, set for release on November 3. The songwriter drew musical inspiration from field recordings taken whilst trekking across the Camino de Santiago – a pilgrimage route in Spain.  Whether intentional or not, Patient Hands is reflective of the spirituality often associated with trekking across the Camino de Santiago.

In comparison to Stooshinoff’s first album featuring instrumental music, Patient Hands is much more organic, relying primarily on naturalistic sounds and a persistent background drone. The free rhythm and single melody line predominant in the album’s works gives it a simplistic, yet relaxing, sound.

The artistic achievement of this album is Stooshinoff’s successful fusion of naturalistic sounds – chirping birds and sounds of rain – with synthetic chords interspersed in the background. A perfect example of this fusion can be heard in “Statement, Echo, and Noise,” where the interaction between nature and man-made sounds achieves a calming balance.

AlexStooshinoff-2Another notable track is “Breath Across the Mirror.” The track takes on an almost spiritual quality with its sonorous vocals, similar in quality to the Benedictine monks singing a Gregorian chant.

Overall, Patient Hands is an extremely raw collection of tracks that evoke a sense of spirituality and tranquility.

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